Facebook is Stealing our Lives

This morning, I woke up to a couple of messages in my messenger. I attended to them and after replying to all, I went to my homescreen and something happened. My thumb unconsciously tapped the usual spot for my Facebook app. And to my surprise, the Facebook app was not there.

The night before, I uninstalled my Facebook app because I noticed that I was spending waaay too much time on Facebook. And this thing that happened this morning really shookt me. I did not know Facebook was my default app when I was not doing something else. No wonder I can’t get off my phone. I was always occupied with facebook; and my mind and body loves it! It’s comfortable!

It’s such a crazy thing to be spending time doing fucking nothing thinking i’m doing something. I cannot attend to other things. It’s like facebook is stealing my life and i’m too entertained to notice and it’s entirely my fault for letting them do it and I was enjoying it the whole time. Damn. I did not think of it that way. 

We must be masters of ourselves. We must lead ourselves. Let us be proactive.



Why do I forget things?

It’s so frustrating.

One moment I made an important realization.

The next moment I go back to my old ways.

It feels like a curse.

One moment I feel okay.

The next moment my forgetfulness is killing me.

And it’s not okay you know.

I’m trying to overcome it. But it doesn’t work at all.

One moment I feel secure with all these sticky notes reminding me.

The next moment I forgot to look at my sticky notes.

It feels like I’m stupid.

I’ve seen tons of movies already.

But.. ask me if I remember the storyline of my favorite movie.

I will just answer you with “I really like that movie.” End of story.

Sometimes, it feels like watching movies is wasting time.

It even feels like living this life is a waste of time.

Do you know how hard it is to explain to your friends why you forgot their birthday?

I’m running out of reasons already.

Oh shit. I forgot I have a class tomorrow.

And it’s already 3AM.

Okay goodnight.

I’ll forget that I wrote this, anyway.

Editing Apps for Best Instagram Photos: Snapseed and VSCO

There are tons of editing apps out that make your instagram photos more beautiful. Trying them all could be fun. For me, I only use two editing apps for my instagram photos. Snapseed and VSCO. Today, i’m gonna show you how I use these apps.

*open photo with snapseed


*click the pencil button*


*first, I crop photos for IG. there are grids that can help your image composition. RULE OF THIRDS :)*


*next, I choose selective. this is a very cool feature because you can choose the part where you want to adjust the brightness, contrast and saturation*


*i edit the brightness of the face because it is quite dark*


*i also increased the contrast so that his face will be clear :)*


* here is the result. his face is brighter*


*next is the best part. tune image*


*swipe up and down to choose what to adjust, swipe left and right to increase or decrease*


*i have a certain sequence of doing things and i like it that way 🙂 i always start with warmth*


*statistics show that IG likes cool photos so warmth should be negative*


*but not too much :)) just around -13. it depends on the photo*


*comparing with the original image*

*next, i adjust the brightness*


*the photo is very dark. i want it to be bright as day. so i adjust it to +54*


*comparing with previous adjustment*

*next, i edit the shadows*


*shadows adds dimension to the image. but don’t overuse it. just around -18*


*comparing with previous adjustment*

*next, i edit the higlights. this darkens the white areas*


*for this photo, i bring it down all the way to -100. it’s because i like its effect on the clouds. the texture of the clouds pops out*


*comparing with previous adjustment*

*however, the entire photo became dark. so i had to return to adjust the brightness*


*from +54, i adjusted it to +70*


*comparing with previous adjustment*

*next, i edit the saturation*


*instagram likes unsaturated photos, so i turned it down to -18. just to make it more classy*


*comparing with previous adjustment*

*next, i adjust the ambiance*


*i’m not sure what it does but i like it. it somehow adjusts the brightness and color in a magical way. but don’t overdo it though. for this photo, +35. usually, i only turn it to +20*


*comparing with previous adjustment*

*lastly, i adjust the contrast*


*this increases the crisp of the image. i turned it to +23*


*comparing with previous adjustment*

*i’m done with tuning the image. click check mark and click done. this will export the photo*


*photo edited with snapseed*


After Snapseed

*after snapseed, i import this photo to VSCO*


*VSCO serves as the final touch to the photo. VSCO blends everything and sets the mood of the image*


*after importing the image to VSCO, tap the image and click the adjustments button*


*as i’ve said before, VSCO blends everything and sets the mood of the photo. with the VSCO preset filters, this step is very easy. here are some free filters that i like. HB1 is a personal favorite*

*for this photo, i choose F2 because it adds mood to the image but also brings out the colors*


*i set it to +6 for a natural look*


*and that’s all! i then save it to gallery*


*here is the comparison of the original image, after snapseed and after VSCO*

*i hope you like it!*

Lenovo A319 Rocstar Custom ROMs

List of Lenovo A319 Rocstar Custom ROMS

  1. Fast Performance, Good Battery Life, Simple UI: Aqua Port

  2. Fast Performance, Customized UI: DarkFap V1
  3. Beauty and Elegance: MIUI 8

  4. Very Light: X ROM 

  5. Best iOS Experience: iOS 8


Fast Performance, Good Battery Life, Simple UI

 Aqua Port

By Extranes

– Dual sim support
– Removed Bloatware
– init.d support
– Busybox
– etc ….


Fast Performance (compared to all other ROMs i’ve tried)

Battery Lasts a day (texting, calling, music, light browsing)

Very Simple UI


Very Simple UI (No customizations at all)

Not pre-rooted (could be rooted by following instructions below)


Click Here for Installation Instructions

Install using Carliv Touch Recovery (CTR)


Fast Performance, Customized UI

DarkFap V1

by Team PUSSY

  • Black Lollipop UI
  • Android marshmallow 6.0 (Fake)
  • Black Icon
  • DSB
  • Dolby Sound
  • Listview animation
  • Init.d Support
  • Change battery style
  • Much more


Fast Performance

Customized UI with Dark Theme


Lags when many apps are installed

Battery life is not too long


Click Here for Installation Instructions

Install using Philz Touch Recovery (PTR)


Beauty and Elegance


by Agus Danu Kurniawan


This is the most elegant ROM i’ve ever seen


Lags as more applications are installed


Click Here for Installation Instructions

Install using Philz Touch Recovery (PTR)


Very Light


by xswordcrash


Very Light (138 MB)

Many Customizations ( ViPER4Android FX, Engineer Mode, CPU Settings, init.d, 3 Minit Battery Settings, Network traffic)


No Gapps

Lags as more apps are installed


Click Here for Installation Instructions

Install using Philz Touch Recovery (PTR)


Best iOS Experience

iOS 8 

by hossam.aissat

Super smooth
– App2SD is working perfectly
– Run HD games without crashes
– Video Recording working in stock camera (Default miui camera)
– USSD working
– GPS working
– 1080P playback fixed
– 1080P recording
– Stability improvements
– Super fast boot up
– Super fast App optimization
– Themes working
– SMS working
– Youtube 5 second reload fix
– No longer need to reboot for apps to appear in App Drawer
– No network drops
– And so much more, everything which you expect to get working in your stock ROM is working in this ROM


Its UI is really like iPhone, including the apps and settings

It is smooth


Single SIM!

Some settings are not working


Lenovo A319 Rocstar: Stock ROM, Custom Recovery, Custom ROM and Root


  2. Go back to Stock ROM
  3. Install Custom Recovery (PTR of CTR)
  4. Install Custom ROM
  5. ROOT



You can choose to backup apk files only and contacts and SMS. App Backup and Restore is perfect for this (I always do this).

Download links:  Playstore    Direct


Or you can also backup your app data and everything else using Titanium Backup.

Download links:  Playstore    Direct




When installing a Custom ROM, always do a clean install. This means that you should always start from the Stock ROM. If you are currently using a Custom ROM and wants to install a new Custom ROM, you must first go back to Stock ROM and from there, you can install the Custom ROM that you want. This usually gets rid of some bugs, because it is CLEAN 🙂

Here is a comprehensive tutorial on flashing Stock ROM using SP Flash Tool.

Install Stock ROM




Installing Custom Recovery is also done using SP Flash Tool.

You can choose between Philz Touch Recovery  (PTR) or Carliv Touch Recovery (CTR)

Download PTR or CTR

Extract the zip file (contains scatter file and img file)

Open SP Flash Tool > Click Download tab > Click Scatter-loading button

> Locate scatter file > Click Download button > Connect phone (battery removed)

Once flashing is complete, a green circle with a check mark will appear.

Congratulations! You now have Custom Recovery

Enter Custom Recovery by pressing vol up + power button at the same time



Click Here For The List of Custom ROMS for Lenovo A319 Rocstar

I usually use PTR first in installing Custom ROMs. If it won’t work (bootloop), I use CTR (starting from step 1).

First, copy the Custom ROM zip file to your SD card

Enter Custom Recovery by pressing vol up + power button at the same time

You will  then be asked to choose among Recovery Mode, Fastboot Mode, Normal Boot

Navigate to Recovery Mode using vol up button and select using vol down button

Click Wipe Options

Wipe Data (CTR) or Clean to Install a New ROM (PTR) > Wipe Cache > Wipe Dalvik Cache

Click Install Zip > Choose zip from sdcard > locate Custom ROM > wait for at least 5 minutes to install > Reboot phone > wait for another 5 minutes

Congratulations! You have a BRAND NEW – looking Lenovo A319 Rocstar! 🙂



Some Customs ROMs are not pre-rooted or there are problems with rooting.

You can easily root your phone using Custom Recovery.

Download SuperSU.zip

Copy to SD card

Enter Custom Recovery

Install SuperSU.zip (no need to wipe)

Reboot Phone

Congratulations! You are now rooted 🙂

Trumpets Challenge

So I had to stay at the lab until 11 PM because I was synthesizing a compound called NONOates for my thesis, which would take 6 hours to react. I only had to check the reaction vessel every hour so it was very boring between those hours. Fortunately, I was with two crazy friends, Jerson (middle) and Vince (right). And what would you expect to happen when the atmosphere gets too boring at the middle of the night?

Of course, things go CRAZY.

Jerson is a very good dancer so we decided to take on the very famous Trumpets Challenge. It took an hour to rehearse the dance and here is our output 🙂

ENJOY our craziness!