Desperate to Get More Instagram Followers and Likes?


Instagram is a great avenue to improve your photography skills and to share it to the world. However, for beginners, there will be a very few audience to view and like your work of art. And that sucks. However, there are several “desperate” ways in order to increase the number of your audience or followers in Instagram in order to gain likes.

1. POST AT LEAST 5 AMAZING PHOTOS. This is the first step. People would not follow you if they saw that your page is empty nor will they follow you if you have tons of photos but are pointless. Instead, select at least 5 of your best photos and you’re good to go.

2. LIKE AS MANY PHOTOS AS YOU CAN. Gaining Instagram followers and likes is a science and statistics shows that 100 likes on random photos in Instagram would generate you 21 likes and 6 followers. So, what I do is search for hashtags that are related to my photos and like only the photos which were posted less than 30 minutes ago. You want to search for hashtags that are related to your photos so that your prospect followers will feel connected to your account and follow you. Also, you want to like photos which are freshly posted because it is preferable to like photos with a few likes so that the user will notice you easily.

3. FOLLOW AND UNFOLLOW. Following other users is probably the best way to gain followers. Therefore, follow as many accounts as you can (take note: there is a limit on number of follows you can make per hour). Specifically, you can follow users which uses hashtags #follow4follow or #f4f. They will more likely follow you back. But here is the twist. Unfollow them. Nobody would like to follow an account with thousands of followings. So, as soon as you reach a thousand followings, start unfollowing.

For this method, there are many apps that you can use to easily follow and unfollow. I have been using CROWDFIRE. It’s very easy to use.


I have used those methods for my account and it really grew my number of followers. But the best way to maintain growing your number of followers is by continuing to post amazing photos and making sure that you are only posting the best. That’s why you are in Instagram.

So after you have gained your ideal number of followers using these methods, unfollow everyone. Then follow only those that spark your interest.

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2 thoughts on “Desperate to Get More Instagram Followers and Likes?

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